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Understanding your condition and how to manage it can increase your confidence in making changes to improve and maintain your health.

Let's Talk About Stroke  is a series of downloadable Patient Information Sheets, created by the American Stroke Association, that presents information in a question-and-answer format that's brief, easy to follow and easy to read.

They also provide room for you to write down questions to ask your doctor.  This can help you prepare to get the most out of your next visit with your healthcare professional.

Whether you or a loved one just had an acute event or are at high risk for stroke, these sheets will help you start taking action to reduce your risk and understand your condition.

Some topics are also available for download in Español.

For additional information: The American Heart Association has created Answers by Heart, a line of downloadable patient information sheets that relate to cardiovascular conditions, treatments, tests, lifestyle and risk reduction. Some topics are also available for download in Español.

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