Physical Effects of Stroke

Stroke may have many physical effects. But regardless of whether it impacts the limbs, swallowing, vision or has you tired out — continued work toward recovery is important.
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While every stroke is different, some type of disability or physical limitation in common. A stroke can cause problems with physical activities like walking and using your hands and arms. You can also experience changes in sensation. The good news is that the brain has some ability for recovery through two mechanisms, plasticity and redundancy. Time, treatment and your commitment to practice the skills learned in therapy may help you make progress! Let’s take a closer look at common physical changes after stroke.
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Healing from Stroke

Activities such as music, water therapy and horseback riding can boost your recovery efforts.

Recreational Stroke Therapies

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Support Network

Want to share recovery and rehabilitation experiences with other survivors? Find reassurance or offer your own words of wisdom on the American Heart / American Stroke Association's Support Network.
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