Spasticity Resources

The American Stroke Association offers updated evidence-based information on Post-stroke Spasticity. The programs will educate learners on the diagnosis, treatment, and management of post-stroke spasticity through real-life scenarios they may encounter in their clinical settings. The program will provide learners with current evidence on an accurate assessment of spasticity with appropriate treatment and management through a series of case vignettes.

  • Mobility after Stroke Brochure
  • Spasticity after Stroke Checklist
  • Spasticity Discussion Guide

Other Resources

  • CME: Spasticity: Latest Evidence on Treatment and Patient Outcomes
  •  Spasticity after Stroke Checklist
  •  Spasticity Infographic
  •  Spasticity Discussion Guide
  • Spasticity Treatment Dialogue Too 2018
  •  Virtual Programs-in-a-box
  •  Faces of Stroke Ambassador: Julie –TBD/Pending Video and Release information
  •  Mobility After Stroke
  •  LEAP Facilitators Module 2