Adult Stroke Rehabilitation and Recovery Audiocast Series

Guidelines for Adult Stroke Rehabilitation and Recovery
A healthcare worker is helping a rehab patient with resistance bands.
A Black female doctor is showing information on a clipboard to her Black male patient. They are smiling.

The Guidelines Interpreted

Our five-part series explores in more detail the key recommendations from the American Stroke Association guidelines for adult stroke rehabilitation and recovery. Hear directly from industry experts their guidance on how to better manage rehabilitation and recovery for stroke patients.

A Major Milestone for Rehabilitation Professionals

More stroke victims survive from the indexed event due to improved control of vascular risk factors and widespread dedicated stroke care units. However, stroke is still a leading cause of deficit and disability worldwide, demanding optimized and systemic recovery and rehabilitation cares in order to improve post-stroke outcomes.
Rehab professional helping older man with therapy

Additional Professional Rehabilitation Resources

As systems of care evolve in response to healthcare reform efforts, post-acute care and rehabilitation are vital to maximizing the effectiveness of rehabilitation. Use these additional resources for a synopsis of best clinical practices in the rehabilitative care of adults recovering from stroke.