Sensorimotor Impairments

Our five-part series explores in more detail the key recommendations from the American Stroke Association guidelines for adult stroke rehabilitation and recovery. Hear directly from industry experts their guidance on how to better manage rehabilitation and recovery for stroke patients.

Audiocast Description

This audiocast features Dr. Carolee Winstein, Professor of Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy at the University of Southern California and Dr. Neila Donovan, Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies at LSU. In it they examine the impacts of sensorimotor impairment on cognition, memory, nutrition, vision, balance and communication. Treatments and rehabilitation strategies are discussed at length.

Download Transcript Audiocast (PDF)  5- a Dr. Carolee Winstein    |    Download Transcript Audiocast (PDF) 5-b Dr. Neila Donovan

Release Date: January 22, 2019 

Audiocast Participant Bios

Dr. Carolee Winstein

Dr. Carolee Winstein, PhD, PT, FAPTA is professor of Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy and directs the Motor Behavior and Neurorehabilitation Lab at the University of Southern California.  She is best known for her work with the functional neural and behavioral basis of motor control and learning and its relationship to neurorehabilitation.

Dr. Neila Donovan

Dr. Neila Donovan, PhD, CCC-SLP is an Associate Professor, Director of the Communication Outcomes Research lab and Director of Graduate Studies at Louisiana State University.  She has served on the American Heart Association Stroke Council.