Order Educational Brochures

Thanks for your interest in receiving health information from the American Stroke Association. We have health education packets and brochures with content designed to help you better understand stroke, secondary stroke prevention and recovery.

Visit the ShopHeart store for products and select educational materials such as the Explaining Stroke brochure.

Bulk orders for educational brochures can be placed through our distributor Krames. Here is a sample of the materials available:

  • Hope: The Stroke Recovery Guide
  • Changes in Behavior and Emotions After Stroke
  • Preventing Another Stroke
  • Being a Stroke Family Caregiver


explaining stroke brochure image   explaining stroke spanish brochure image
"Changes in Behavior and Emotions After Stroke" brochure cover thumbnail  "Hope: The Stroke Recovery Guide" brochure cover thumbnail
"Being a Stroke Family Caregiver" brochure cover thumbnail  "Preventing Another Stroke" brochure cover thumbnail