Caregiver Hero: Elyse Newland

“I’m incredibly grateful and honored to receive this award. This recognition gives me hope that the stroke recovery content we create at Post Stroke will continue to empower survivors in their recovery journey!” – Elyse Newland

Elyse Newland changed her career path after her grandmother had a warning stroke called a transient ischemic attack (TIA) in 2019.

While in rehabilitation, Elyse’s Nanny didn’t receive high-quality, stroke-specific therapy. And no one explained to the family the cause or impact the TIA would have on her life.

As a health care professional in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Elyse found the incident highlighted the lack of resources and fractured continuation of care for patients after rehab. She also discovered it wasn’t an isolated incident. So she set out to change things.

Shortly after the attack, Elyse studied to become a Certified Stroke Rehabilitation Specialist. She then started a public education campaign aimed at improving the lives of survivors, families and caregivers via YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. And her blog at has a free eBook titled, “The Stroke Recovery Pocket Guide,” that can be downloaded as a PDF or moved to smartphones, tablets and Kindle.

Her simplified content breaks down evidence-based therapies for stroke survivors in videos and writings at no cost to recipients. The response has been strong. In just a year, her YouTube channel, which contains 58 videos to date and is updated weekly, has more than 5,000 subscribers and more than 345,000 views. Her Instagram also is growing with more than 900 followers for her 240 posts.

Elyse also has expanded her practice beyond her state’s borders. She is licensed and has a teletherapy private practice in Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina, Oregon and California. And just this year, to reach even more people, Elyse has started a nonprofit, Post Stroke.