Diabetes Tools and Resources

Let's Talk About Diabetes, Heart Disease & Stroke

Join us for this interactive course. Learn about your risk, what you can do, and how to be an active member of your health care team.
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Living with diabetes can be overwhelming because of the many lifestyle changes needed to manage the disease. These tools can help you reach your treatment goals and better manage your diabetes. 

About Diabetes

Risk Factors

Managing Diabetes

  • CDC
    Find out more about CDC-recognized Diabetes Prevention Programs in your area. 
  • YMCA
    Find out more about Diabetes Prevention Program support groups that may be in your area.

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Living with Type 2 diabetes?

Get monthly science-based diabetes and heart-healthy tips in your inbox. Know Diabetes by Heart raises awareness that living with Type 2 diabetes increases risk for heart disease and stroke – and that people should talk with their doctor at their next appointment about ways to reduce risk.

Video: What to know about diabetes and heart disease
Video: Support starts with your health care team