Melissa Mitchell,

Melissa Mitchell"2021 was truly about self-discovery as a woman and as an artist. I owned the fact that I was NOT a monolith . I learned to embrace every nook and cranny of my heart. Once you reach the depths of your own soul, you experience a freedom that cannot be described. Music allows me to put emotions into words that I don't always have. This playlist is just a glimpse into my musical motivation. This is how I make my heart remember, how I make my heart feel. This is how I reclaim Melissa mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. These songs remind me that I have all the power in my hands to change my course at any moment. From love, to art, to living--- I hold the brush to this painting I call my life. I will be more of me in 2022," Melissa Mitchell @abeillecreations

Song Artist
Forever Kirk Franklin
Stay Nas
Keeping My Mind Fred Hammond
My Song H.E.R
Better Than I Imagined Robert Glasper
Closer Gloapele
Make Me Teedra Moses
Still Wonder Alex Isley
Rain Sunday Service Choir
Masterpiece Sault
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