Veterans Stroke Recovery Grp

Caregivers, Survivors, Medical Professionals

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  • 921 Northeast 13th
  • Veterans Hospital
  • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73104



  • Every Wednesday
  • 10:30 AM
  • VA Hospital 921 NE 13th Street Room GA-105


Short business meeting. Guest speaker or entertainer every month They particularly do not care to listen to salesman of any kind. Please call Bill Leber or Dr Tassey before attending the meeting. Call for Schedules and times.


All Veterans. This group got started in 1986. Some veterans have brain injury and aphasia. This group addresses this topic as well. The group welcomes all people affected by this condition. Please call prior to attending.


Social support, Educational support

Please contact the support group before arriving to confirm meeting location, date, and time.

Disclaimer: Our stroke support group registry includes groups that are independent of American Stroke Association. Discussion topics do not necessarily reflect the views of the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association.