SMClark for Seniors

Caregivers, Survivors

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  • 761 East Morningside Drive NE
  • Atlanta, Georgia 30324




1. Caregiver support 
2. Stroke survivor support 
3. Resources and tools for success 
5. Keeping your body, mind, and soul active and healthy 
6. Guest speakers (educational)


Virtual meeting available for those that are unable to meet in person 
This Stroke Support meets on the first Monday of each month from 7 pm to 8 pm Eastern Time.


Caregivers welcome, Educational support, Emotional support, Online support, Regular Meetings, Social support, Telephone Support, Therapeutic/Rehabilitation, Visitation Opportunities


Aphasia, Blind/Visually impaired , Grief support, Inpatients, Open to anyone in the community, Stroke (hemorrhagic) survivors, Stroke (ischemic) survivors

Please contact the support group before arriving to confirm meeting location, date, and time.

Disclaimer: Our stroke support group registry includes groups that are independent of American Stroke Association. Discussion topics do not necessarily reflect the views of the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association.