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  • 900 E. Beau St
  • Washington, Pennsylvania 15301




To remind survivors that there is life after a stroke. Sharing, Social, Build Friendships with other people who have had similar experiences. To illustrate to survivors that they are not alone.


We'll have food, and time for sharing while at the same time show survivors that there is life after a stroke, that they still have use and worth. Build confidence that they can do things, just maybe differently than they used to before the stroke and that's ok.


Caregivers welcome, Community Outreach, Educational support, Emotional support, In-person support, Online support, Regular Meetings, Social support, Telephone Support, Therapeutic/Rehabilitation


Aphasia, Blind/Visually impaired , Stroke (hemorrhagic) survivors, Stroke (ischemic) survivors

Please contact the support group before arriving to confirm meeting location, date, and time.

Disclaimer: Our stroke support group registry includes groups that are independent of American Stroke Association. Discussion topics do not necessarily reflect the views of the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association.