Healthcare Provider Rehabilitation Resources 

In the summer of 2016, the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association released the Guidelines for Adult Stroke Rehabilitation and Recovery, the 8th guideline in a series of a full complement in the stroke guideline portfolio.

  • This guideline was written by an interdisciplinary writing group approaching post-stroke rehabilitation as what might be seen in the real world of post-stroke neurological deficits. 
  • This guideline provides a synopsis of the best evidence and clinical practices in post-stroke rehabilitation.

The materials below are pulled from the guidelines and design to help healthcare professionals expand their knowledge base and properly address the rehabilitation needs of the stroke patient. 

  • 2016 Guidelines for Adult Stroke Rehabilitation and Recovery (Article)
  • Stroke Rehab Guidelines: Top Ten Things to Know (PDF)


  • 2018 Webinar: Guidelines for Adult Stroke Rehabilitation and Recovery Webinar  Tailoring Care to Patients' Needs and Improving Transitions in Care   (PPT) | (Video)
  • 2017 Webinar: Stroke Rehabilitation and Recovery: Moving From Paper to Practice | Professional Education Deck ( PPT) | (Video)

Adult Stroke Rehabilitation and Recovery Audiocast Series

Our five-part series explores in more detail the key recommendations from the American Stroke Association guidelines for adult stroke rehabilitation and recovery. Hear directly from industry experts their guidance on how to better manage rehabilitation and recovery for stroke patients.