Post-Stroke Exercise Videos

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Why Rehabilitation?

Common physical effects of stroke are muscle weakness and less control of an affected arm or leg. Survivors often work with therapists to restore strength and control through exercise programs. They also learn skills to deal with the loss of certain body movements.

Rehabilitation is an important step during a stroke survivor’s road to recovery and these exercises can serve as a general guide. Please speak with your health care professional and/or physical therapist before performing any of these exercises.
 Adam Engel, PT, DPT

Adam Engel, PT, DPT

Adam has been a physical therapist for over 10 years, working at Waldron’s Peak Physical Therapy, a small private practice in Boulder, Colorado. His passion for providing excellent, compassionate patient-centered care to people with all types of injuries and health conditions keeps him energized for every patient interaction.

Getting Up from a Fall

Stroke survivors are at high risk for falls; up to 73% experience a fall in the first six months after being discharged home. Follow these recommended steps for safely getting from the floor onto a chair.

Shoulder, Arm and Hand Exercise Videos

Shoulder, Arm and Hand Exercises Videos, continued 

Leg, Ankle and Foot Exercise Videos 

Leg, Ankle and Foot Exercise Videos, continued

Leg, Ankle and Foot Exercise Videos, continued 

Balance Exercise Videos

Balance Exercise Videos, continued