Stroke survivor, Dave, is playing a violin on the beach with the ocean and rocks in the background.

Stroke of Art

An original video series from the American Stroke Association, spotlighting inspiring stroke survivors who have overcome their limitations to reconnect with their love of art and music.

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What happens does not define us — what we do next does.

Those who have had a stroke often must overcome physical, emotional and cognitive changes to move forward. To do so requires strength and support. Go on a journey with artists as they share how their passion for art and music brought them strength, healing and hope after stroke.

Life flourishes when stroke survivors discover the healing power of art.

Minnie Watkins

Portrait artist, Minnie, loses the ability to see faces after her stroke. Watch how she discovers a new art style and a new self.

So Much Left to Give

Painting Through Pain

Chelsea Keenan

Musician and singer, Chelsea, turns to songwriting to express herself after suffering strokes at a young age. See how music healed her.

Song of Survival

Born a Musician

Music Saved Me

Dave Kim

After suffering from a stroke at age 42, violinist, Dave, finds determination in recovery one note at a time. Watch Dave rediscover the power of music through his stroke recovery.

Symphony of Strength

Discovering Music

Recovery One Note at a Time

Maggie Whittum

A massive stroke at age 33, leaves actor, Maggie, unable to recognize herself. Follow along as she reclaims what brings her joy — acting.

Stages of Healing

Hope Through Acting

Recreational Therapy

Artist working on a painting

After a stroke, recreational therapies can improve physical, cognitive, social and emotional abilities. Music, art, dance, and some sports are a few activities that offer great benefits.

Share Your Story

An older woman is kneading dough in a kitchen with family member.

We would love to hear about your personal journey and how stroke affected your life. Stories like yours connect us, give hope and put a face to this common health condition.

Support Network

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Our online community of survivors and caregivers is here to keep you going no matter the obstacles. We’ve been there and we won’t let you do it alone.