Voters’ Choice – Mark Kincaid

Voters Choice – Mark Kincaid

Mark is very honored and grateful for this award voted on by his peers. His testimony continues daily and he gives all the glory to God and his amazing support system in his family and friends.

The above quote was a collaborative effort from Mark and his wife, Tonya, since he still struggles with aphasia and apraxia.

Over a decade ago, Mark Kincaid experienced a catastrophic ischemic stroke at age 42 due to undiagnosed high blood pressure. Doctors predicted that Mark might not survive surgery to treat the stroke, and if he did, he would live the rest of his days in a vegetative state. 

But Mark defied the predictions as soon as he woke up from surgery. After weeks of intensive inpatient therapy, he began regaining some of his cognitive and physical abilities, and after three months in hospitals, he was finally able to go home.

Mark continued working hard on his recovery, almost always doing double what was recommended. By playing brain games and doing speech therapy activities, Mark continued to improve his cognitive and communication skills, although he still struggles with expressive aphasia and apraxia to this day. His stroke heavily impacted the right side of his body, so his therapy included using a leg brace and electric stimulation units for his leg and arm.

Mark joined his local stroke support group and has been an active member for years. He regularly participates in stroke education activities in schools, helps provide stroke awareness education at local events and works with a rehabilitation center to help patients learn to cope with the aftermath of a stroke. Mark also helps educate graduate students at Eastern Kentucky University on the stroke survivor experience and works to achieve local and national recognition for Stroke Awareness Month and World Stroke Day. 

Mark’s undeniable fighting spirit helps make him a great role model for stroke survivors. 

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