Preventing Stroke Discussion Guide

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A stroke is a medical emergency that can happen to anyone, at any age and at any time. Stroke prevention starts with YOU. Work with your health care professional to identify your personal risk and how to manage it.

Knowing the warning signs of a stroke can save your life or the life of a loved one. It can also mean the difference between a strong recovery or long-term disability; survival or death.

  • Checklist for lifelong good health.
  • Know YOUR personal risk.
  • Know the warning signs of a stroke.

Discussion starter questions:

  1. Do you know someone who has survived a stroke?
  2. How can you recognize a stroke when it happens?
  3. What is a stroke?
  4. What are the different types of strokes?
  5. Why is timing so important when responding to and treating stroke?
  6. What are the risk factors associated with a stroke? (You can break this question down and ask about controllable risk factors — medical and lifestyle risk factors — and uncontrollable risk factors.)
  7. What kind of small changes can you implement in your life to reduce your risk of stroke?


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