Post Stroke Exercise Videos

Stroke survivors are at high risk for falls. In fact, up to 73% of stroke survivors experience a fall in the first six months after discharge home.  Common physical effects of stroke are muscle weakness and less control of an affected arm or leg. Survivors often work with therapists to restore strength and control through exercise programs. They also learn skills to deal with the loss of certain body movements. 

Rehabilitation is an important step during a stroke survivor’s road to recovery and these exercises can serve as a general guide. Please speak with your health care provider and/or physical therapist before performing any of these exercises. 

Post Stroke Exercises

  1. Crumbling a Piece of Paper (Video)(link opens in new window)
  2. Sitting Trunk Rotations (Video)(link opens in new window)
  3. Supported Reaching and Grasping (Video)(link opens in new window)
  4. Supported Mini Squats (Video)(link opens in new window)
  5. Standing Hip Abduction (Video)
  6. Sit to Stand (Video)
  7. Dynamic Weight Shifts (Video)
  8. Staggered Stance (Video)(link opens in new window)
  9. Standing: Feet Together, Eyes Open/Closed (Video)(link opens in new window)
  10. Calf Stretch (Video)(link opens in new window)
  11. Single Leg Mini Squats (Video)(link opens in new window)
  12. Getting Up From a Fall (Video)(link opens in new window)
  13. Sitting Weight Bearing Elbow (Video)
  14. Single Leg Stance (Video)(link opens in new window)
  15. Mini Lunge (Video)(link opens in new window)
  16. Small Step Ups with Support (Video)(link opens in new window)
  17. Swiss Ball Weight Shifts (Video)

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