Gratitude is Good Medicine Infographic

A regular gratitude practice can make you healthier and lead to:

  • Better mood
  • Better sleep
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Improved immune function

How to start a gratitude habit:

Repeat daily to build a habit!

  • Pair it up
    Do your gratitude right after something else you do every day, like brushing your teeth or eating lunch. This makes the habit stick.
  • Jot it down
    Grab some paper or a notebook you already have, nothing fancy. Then, just write down anything you feel grateful for.

  • Soak it in
    Savor those grateful feelings and feel good about yourself. If you enjoy your new habit, you’re more likely to stick with it!

“I don’t know what to be grateful for!”

It doesn’t have to be Thanksgiving-level to count.

Focus on anything simple like:

  • For the clouds
  • For my heart that keeps beating
  • For my friend
  • For this sandwich
  • For this day
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Gratitude is Good Medicine infographic

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