Shopping on a Budget Infographic

Shopping on a Budget Infographic

Shop Smart and Save

Smart shopping on a budget means knowing what to buy and when.

Plan Ahead:

  • Plan meals each week. Keep recipes, grocery lists, receipts and coupons in one place for easy planning.
  • Make a shopping list. Be specific. Note quantity needed and which coupons you have.
  • Know what you have. Inventory your pantry and fridge each week.
  • Save receipts. Each week, compare what you spent to what you budgeted. Adjust your meal planning and budgeting, if needed.
  • Collect coupons. Also sign up for rewards cards and e-mail/online coupons if your store has them.

At the Store:

  • Compare prices. Store-brand products may be more affordable.
  • Use coupons. But compare prices. A coupon isn’t always the best deal.
  • Buy in bulk. It may save money. Just be sure you have room in your pantry or freezer.
  • Save with seasonal produce. Fruits and vegetables will stay fresh for about a week. Canned or frozen will last longer, may be less expensive and can be just a healthy.
  • Don’t check out at checkout. Pay attention at the register to make sure you get discounts and savings.

For more tips on healthy eating, cooking and recipes:

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