Online grocery shopping offers convenience, health benefits

still life of a small shopping cart and red computer mouse on pink background, online shopping

The popularity of online grocery shopping surged with the COVID-19 pandemic when shoppers needed a way to safely get groceries. Now, buying groceries online continues to be a popular choice because it lets you:

  • Save time and money.
  • Enjoy a convenient shopping experience.
  • Reduce temptation for impulse buying unhealthy items.
  • Stay on budget by searching for lowest-price items, using electronic coupons and knowing the running total before checkout.
  • Plan meals ahead of time and avoid buying items that are already on hand.
  • Know what products are in stock and choose substitutions when needed.
  • Add items to your virtual cart throughout the week, as a modern-day shopping list.
  • Choose how to receive the items, such as through free store pickup or an at-home delivery service.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a first timer, there are ways to make the most of your online grocery shopping experience.

Learn the process. Start by visiting the store’s website or downloading its app. Familiarize yourself with how to sort and search for items (this is helpful if you are trying to stay on budget or have dietary restrictions). Find out if there’s a minimum purchase required to avoid a service fee.

Plan ahead. Look over available pickup days and times. How quickly you can get your items will vary at each store. Don’t wait until the last minute to place an order, especially during holidays or other high-demand times.

Add any special instructions. Some stores let you include substitution preferences or notes about specific items (such as for meat and produce) to help the in-store shoppers complete your order.

Get ready for your order. When picking up the items, check in on the store’s app or website before you head to get them. Then park in specially marked spots at the store. The groceries will be loaded while you stay in your vehicle.