How to Cook Healthier at Home

Healthy Cooking Methods

When you prepare and cook meals at home, 1) you’re in control of what you and your family are eating, 2) you can get inventive and inspired with your culinary creations, and 3) you save money.

Pretty much a no-brainer. So let’s bring cooking back to life!.

You don’t have to be an experienced cook to prepare something everyone will love. Anyone can learn to cook healthy – yes, even you.

Here are our top ten tips to get you started cooking healthy at home:

  1. Get inspired by healthy cookbooks, cooking shows and blogs, and try new recipes that will “wow” your family.

  2. Choose healthier meats and proteins, like chicken, fish and beans.

  3. Add color to your meals with fruits and vegetables.Sneak ‘em in if you have to. And they all count! Fresh, frozen, canned and dried are all good choices, just watch out for excess salt and added sugars.

  4.  Make healthy substitutions when you can. Take baby steps over time to replace less-healthy ingredients in your family favorites.

  5. Break up with sneaky salt and learn new ways to give food great flavor, including herbs, spices and other seasonings.

  6. Start a new love affair with salad. No, not the lame two-ingredient kind you may have grown up with… The amazing, colorful, hearty salad that can stand on its own as a main entrée.

  7. Upgrade your fats. Use healthy vegetable oils instead of butter, lard and tropical oils.

  8. Give your pantry a makeover! If your cabinets, fridge and freezer are well-stocked with the right staple ingredients, it will be easier to make healthy meals.

  9. Learn new cooking methods and techniques. Brush up your skills with our videos and how-to articles, or take a cooking class with friends.

  10. Relax! Have fun in the kitchen and don’t take it all so seriously. We’ve all had our cooking fails and lived to tell.

So take a deep breath, step away from the takeout menu and give it a try!

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