Keeping Your Feet Happy Infographic

Happy feet infographic

Keep them happy / keep you healthy

Your feet are your foundation, so making comfort a priority could help support your goal to Move More.

Use these tips to keep them healthy so you don’t get sidelined by a pain in the foot.

Get comfy:

As much as possible, wear supportive, comfortable shoes that fit well.

Know your feet:

Keep an eye out for blisters, cuts, sores, swelling and tenderness.

Take a stand:

Alternate periods of sitting, standing and moving throughout the day.

Lighten up:

Maintain a healthy weight to stay light on your feet, knees and body.

Cross train:

Mix in different activities to avoid repetitive impact – take a chance on something fun!

Before and after: 

Include your feet, ankles, calves and knees in your warm up and cool down routines.

Get support:

Try orthotics or shoe inserts for additional support, comfort and pain relief from common foot, back and knee issues. 

Eat smart / add color / move more / be well

Learn more ways to add activity to your routine at HEART.ORG/HEALTHYFORGOOD 

Download a PDF of this infographic.