Prediabetes Non-modifiable Risk Factors

What Factors Are Beyond My Control?

Half of all people over 65 have prediabetes, and many people with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes are unaware of their condition. Some risk factors are inherited and some are acquired as we get older.


As we age the chance of developing prediabetes goes up -- most people have increased risk after age 40.

Genetics and family

Some factors that increase or decrease prediabetes risk are inherited from our parents. Having a close biological relative with diabetes may indicate you have higher risk. Certain ethnic groups carry a higher risk of developing diabetes, including those of African, Alaskan Native, American Indian, Asian, Hispanic/Latino, or Pacific Islander descent.

Gestational Diabetes

Some pregnant women develop diabetes until the baby is born, and have a higher risk of developing diabetes again later in life.

Regardless of the number of risk factors that apply to you, you can make choices to improve your body’s ability to manage your condition. Choose well and get the support you need to learn more about healthy lifestyles.