F.A.S.T.:  Speech Difficulty

Slurring or switching words and difficulty speaking clearly are other common signs of stroke.

What could you sound like if you’re having a stroke?


A red speech recording waveform

Don’t want to record yourself? Play the game to identify typical speech showing signs of stroke.

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A digital illustration of a pink brain character on a white background animated to thrust one arm up as a sign of success

Now that you can identify speech difficulty, immediately call 911 when you recognize it.

Bonus Material | Check out this 37-second testimonial from stroke survivor Rachel.

Bonus Material | Julie’s 52-second video shows what someone experiencing speech difficulty might sound like.

Why does speech difficulty occur during a stroke?

During a stroke, blood flow to different parts of the brain can stop. The parietal lobe is the part of the brain responsible for understanding speech and expression of thoughts. If blood flow to the parietal lobe is compromised during a stroke, a person could have a hard time speaking.

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