Employer resources for the changing workplace

Questions About COVID-19

We’re all dealing with questions about the coronavirus and COVID-19. Here are some common ones, with answers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the AHA's volunteer medical experts and scientific leaders and other trustworthy sources.

Working from Home

Here are a few resources to help:

For those accustomed to large offices and co-worker interactions, working from home can be a drastic change. And those who usually work at home are now juggling added responsibilities and concerns. This could include a partner working at home, children out of school or older loved ones who need a hand.

Resources for the Office and Employees

If your workplace is still physically open, or if you have employees out in the community, you’re likely facing new and unique challenges. Consider these tips for employees who are still out and about.

Remember to Monitor Your Numbers

If your employees are wondering if they are at risk, The American Heart Association’s Health Screening Services offers biometric at-home test kits and My Life Check to help keep heart health in front of them at this time. These tools allow employees to monitor their health while still practicing social distancing to prevent the spread of illness.

Smoking Cessation Resources

People with underlying health issues, such as heart or lung problems, may have increased risk for serious complications from COVID-19. This includes people who smoke and/or vape tobacco or nicotine-containing products Ready to kick the habit? We have smoking cessation resources to help you quit smoking, vaping or using tobacco.

Are you a tobacco user who wants to quit smoking or vaping?  Learn about the Five Reasons why calling 1-800-QUIT-NOW can be key to your success.

Do you want to talk to your teen about vaping, but you're unsure where to start? Talk Vaping With Your Teen, demystifies this complicated subject, so you can start having effective conversations with your teen today.

This is Quitting has helped more than 150,000 youth and young adults on their journey to quit vaping.  This text-based peer-to-peer program helps young quit vaping for good.