Piper Austin, Congenital heart defect survivor

Mom and young daughter walking and smiling by a lakeWhat has been your silver lining of the COVID-19 pandemic? Our silver lining was having the ability to appreciate everything we have as a family. My husband and I have three beautiful, healthy children. We all have our health, even with my husband working as a hospitalist and interacting with COVID-19 patients. My children have friends and playmates in each other and the space to run outside. This year has reminded us the most important thing in my life is family.

How do you Go Red from home to keep your heart healthy? I keep my heart healthy by working out at home, including walking with my family around a local reservoir. I also try to feed my family home cooked, healthy meals as often as possible.

What heart health advice do you have for other women? My heart health advice for other women is to try to live a healthy lifestyle, including exercise, eating healthy foods, and limiting fast foods. However, a little dark chocolate every now and then can also be a good thing.

*responses shared by Piper's mom Misty