Piper Austin, Congenital heart defect survivor

Mom and young daughterWho do you go red for and why?
We go red for Piper and all our family members with heart disease. We feel it's important to live a healthy, active lifestyle, and enjoy being active together - including coaching and playing soccer!

How do you prioritize self-care?
I (Misty) have found over the years that I am a happier, more relaxed, better version of myself if I am able to get outside every day for a walk. I make it a priority to go on a two mile walk every morning after dropping off the kids at school. After my walk I feel energized and ready to take on the day!

What do you want women to know about heart disease and stroke?
I want women to know that heart disease and stroke can be prevented in part by practicing self-care. As a mom, I understand that our needs and wants often comes second or third to the needs and wants of family members. However, it is so important to practice self-care so we are around to take care of our family. Go on a walk, get some exercise, eat healthy; these are all ways we can care for ourselves to better care for our family.

*responses shared by Piper's mom Misty