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Southeastern Oklahoma Heart Walk

This virtual event will be ongoing from June 4th to June 13th. You can register for the 2021 Southeastern Oklahoma Heart and Stroke Walk below. Once you register, you can join AYA Heart Walk Warriors from the "Groups" tab of your AYA App. Not only will walking with this group help you reach your fitness goals, but you'll also help cure heart disease and stroke with every step!

Everyone is welcome! The 2021 Southeastern Oklahoma Heart Walk is a fun way to make a difference alongside your family, friends, and loved ones.


JUNE 4-13, 2021.

Walk with AYA to Join the Fight
Against Heart Disease & Stroke

The Chickasaw Nation has been a proud supporter of the American Heart Association's life-changing research in the fight against heart disease and stroke for eleven years, raising over $4,000,000 for AHA's mission. As a product of the Chickasaw Nation, the AYA is stepping up as a community to connect, share, and help raise critical funds for lifesaving science.
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AYA is a proud sponsor of the American Heart Association’s Southeaster Oklahoma Heart Walk.