Laura Satran, heart disease survivor

woman meditating on a red yoga mat

What has been your silver lining of the COVID-19 pandemic? Being a teacher made for major adjustments during COVID-19. I have adjusted to working from home learned a bit more about technology, found a routine and now enjoy this setting more than I could have imagined. It has given me back two hours previously used for travel, affording me more time for self-care, balance, and time with my family. I have created times throughout the day to include stretching, positive affirmations and eating from my kitchen.

How do you Go Red from home to keep your heart healthy? With gyms closed on and off during COVID-19, and very little activity outside our home, it has been a challenge to stay active and make healthy choices. Walking together and more time for home cooked meals has enabled my family to stay on track and remain healthy during this time. Yoga mats in the living room have become the norm and a visual for all of us to slow down and take care of our hearts and minds. 

What heart health advice do you have for other women? I can’t say this enough, advocate for yourself. No one knows your body like you do and if you suspect something is wrong speak up. Connect with your doctor and share your concerns. I fear women and men will be less likely to make and attend regular doctor visits during this time and dismiss warning signs as “stress." Mental as well as physical health needs to be a priority now more than ever. We need to check in on ourselves, mind body and soul to better allow for us to care for loved ones.