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We’re in the midst of an unprecedented year. Our communities have been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic. And with a rapidly evolving environment and uncertainty, stress is likely to strike. But there are some simple ways you can deal with that stress, even at home. And decreasing stress can improve your health. Plus, you’ll feel better. 

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Printable Resources

thumbnail of Stop Stress infographic   Infographic: Tips to Lower Stress

  thumbnail of infographic  Infographic: Fight Stress with Healthy Habits

Staff Resources

The American Heart Association, with the support of Regence BlueShield, has developed resources to encourage everyone to incorporate self-care into their daily routines. Below please find a sample newsletter to distribute to school staff, a draft of a staff e-mail along with a social media post to share. Download a resource and implement today.

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Toolkit #2: Recharge this summer (Summer 2020)




Award A Stress Champion

Does someone at your school lead the way in helping staff address and reduce stress?  Share your thanks by presenting them with an award.

Download the award template


Share Your Stress Reduction Tips

Got a great tip? Share it and tag @AHApugetsound on your Facebook(link opens in new window), Instagram(link opens in new window) or Twitter (link opens in new window)post.