Fellows Research Day - Poster Presentation Guidelines

If you have been assigned a poster presentation, you will be notified by e-mail as to whether you have been assigned to present in the morning or the afternoon session.  If assigned to the morning (AM) session, you will need to set up your poster between 7:00am and 8:15am.  Directly after the morning judging session is finished, you must remove your poster so that the afternoon (PM) session presenters may hang their posters.

If assigned to the afternoon (PM) session, you will have between 10:15am and Noon to set up your poster.

Upon registration, you will receive the poster position number to which you have been assigned.  Volunteers will be on hand to show you to your assigned place and help hang posters.  You may leave your poster tube at the registration desk for pickup later in the day.

There will be a morning and an afternoon poster presentation sessions, each lasting approximately 90 minutes.  You will need to stand next to your poster during one of these sessions, at which time you will present your work to teams of judges and to other attendees.  You will have (5) minutes to present with a (1) minute question-and-answer session.  A judging monitor will be timing your presentation.  If you go over your allotted presentation time, points will be deducted from your score.  To be fair to all presenters, we must keep to our schedule.

The following guidelines will help in putting together your poster display:

Poster presentations are a visual display of research highlights which will be accompanied by an interpersonal question-and-answer session.

All poster sessions will be conducted in English.

The dimensions of the poster board display area is 4ft x 6ft.  Please limit the size of your poster to no more thank 42" x 60" in a landscape/horizontal format.

If you cannot be in attendance, a substitute presenter may present for you.  
All poster presenters will be responsible for mounting their own displays. Rolling the poster and transporting in a mailing tube is often the best way to transport it.

Posters presentations should include:

A short and legible “Introduction” and a “Summary of Conclusions”

Explicit and brief text and figure legends

Simple use of color for added emphasis

Use large print and heavy block lettering when possible