Advocacy in Michigan

Lansing MI Capitol

For more than 30 years, You’re the Cure – the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association’s grassroots network – has been making a difference by speaking out for policies that help build healthier lives.  Each day, we work together to advocate for heart-healthy and stroke-smart communities through legislative and regulatory policies in our communities across the country, and we hope you’ll join us.

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Michigan Advocacy Policy Priorities

CPR IN Schools

Ensuring students are trained in CPR before they graduate high school in Michigan, the American Heart Association successfully advocated for the addition of CPR training in required health education curriculum. New Law Requires CPR Training to Graduate High School.

Healthy Food Access

MI Food

Despite having the nation’s second most diverse agriculture industry, 17.9% of Michigan’s residents are food insecure, meaning they lack reliable access to healthy food.  In Kent County, 80,000 people are food insecure.  More than 1.8 million Michigan residents, including an estimated 300,000 children, live in lower income communities with limited access to fresh produce and healthier food options. Underserved areas can also be found in Ottawa, Allegan and Muskegon counties.

The AHA was a leader in the passage of Public Act 239’17—a healthy food financing program to incentivize food retail development in communities of need. We will continue to advocate for policies that reduce food insecurity throughout Michigan.

Tobacco Control

Tobacco Control

The American Heart Association helped pave the way for smoke-free air legislation in Michigan and continues to defend against attacks designed to weaken the Dr. Ron Davis Smoke-Free Air Law.  We have come a long way, but there is much work to be done. Our state spends $4.59 billion annually on medical health care expenditures directly caused by tobacco use.  That’s why we are working to increase funding for cessation, and eliminate the ability of Big Tobacco to market to our youth.  Make no mistake, our youngest residents are being targeted in an attempt to hook the next generation of users.

Acute Cardiovascular Care

American Heart Association was instrumental in ensuring all newborns in the state receive basic screening which could indicate the presence of a congenital heart defect.
Supporting strong EMS systems in West Michigan and throughout the state. Advocating for policies which ensure heart attack and stroke patients get the right care at the right time.

For more information about advocacy in Michigan, please contact:

Kate Price
Administrative Associate