Trymaine Lee,

Trymaine Lee

"Sometimes I need to remind myself to practice what I preach when it comes to being intentional about rest and recuperation, about slowing down long enough to enjoy the blessings, and avoiding burnout at all costs. And for us, rest can be a form of radical resistance.

Black folks get less sleep, juggle more jobs and bear the weight of all the “isms” stacked against us. The health impact is heavy. Lack of sleep is connected to a whole host of health problems like heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes, which all contribute to shorter life spans. So, let’s be radical enough to sit our behinds down sometimes," Trymaine Lee  @trymaine.lee

Song Artist
Let’s Stay Together Al Green
Ruby My Dear Thelonious Monk/Coletrane
Golden Time of Day Frankie Beverly/Maze
The Light Common
Cruisin D’Angelo
I Wonder Kanye West
Champio Buju Banton
Feelin Good Nina Simone
Do It Chloe X Halle
Cranes in the Sky Solange
Young woman on beach listening to Music

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