Kelly and David Pfeil

Dallas, Texas | 1924 Circle
Kelly and David Pfeil

Kelly and David Pfeil have enjoyed attending the AHA fundraiser Côtes du Coeur in Dallas for years. The event features a wine auction and celebrity chefs, and has attracted more than 23,000 guests and raised more than $34 million over its 26-year history. Kelly and David have enjoyed attending not only because of the incredible wine and food, but also the association’s mission is very personal to them.

Heart disease has affected both sides of their family. When they were asked to be the event’s 2017 chairs, Kelly and David knew this was a cause they could passionately support.

My dad has suffered several heart attacks, which resulted in bypass surgery, and is alive at 82 because of heart research,” Kelly said. I want to have a healthier heart than the generation before me, and I want my girls to live longer and healthier lives than I will.”

Kelly’s dedication to fighting heart disease also extends to her professional career. As a PhD chemist, Kelly has worked with companies including PepsiCo, Coca Cola and Frito Lay to design more heart healthy products.

I spent 25 years in the food and beverage industry, and know the value of the AHA’s position to reduce sodium and sugar as well as eliminating trans fats and reducing saturated fats for a heart healthy diet,” she said. I love the research the AHA supports to help people make healthy choices at the dinner table or in restaurants.” 

I wanted to continue my relationship with the AHA beyond chair of the Côtes du Coeur because I saw the great value the association is bringing to our families and making a difference in so many people’s lives.”

David and I both have seen heart disease affect our families,” Kelly said. We’re proud to contribute to an organization that will support the longevity of our family’s next generation.”

Winter 2017