Volunteer Profile: Serena Parisi

About Serena Parisi

Serena Parisi is a nurse in the ICU at Centro Cardiologico Monzino in Milan, Italy — the first hospital in Europe exclusively devoted to cardiac care and an AHA International Training Center. While working with the ambulance service as an emergency nurse and an instructor for maxi-emergency events, Serena began instructing for the AHA in 2014.

Fluent in English, she recently expanded her work for the AHA in European countries, such as Germany and Switzerland, and in Israel. She has significantly affected the growth and quality assurance of the EUA region and has assisted in the organization’s training in Italy.

Serena teaches various courses such as BLS, ACLS and PALS, and often changes shifts at the hospital to help train in the EUA. She has also participated in several AHA events and congresses and helped the Military Corps of the Association of the Knights of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta promote awareness of heart disease and stroke.

What are some of your events/projects?

I had a small role in helping Marida Straccia develop and execute the Training Faculty Course in Italy and several other countries in Europe and in the MENA region. Through this awesome project, I learned many different aspects of the AHA. I’m very proud of the project with ACISMON, “Stop the Stroke,” which will continue in main Italian cities throughout 2020. One of my greatest satisfactions is helping Marida grow our Regional Faculty Group in Europe. We are a big family!

What should AHA staff communicate externally about your important work?

I have trained many instructors. Every time we meet, I see some of me in them. This is a wonderful and awesome feeling. I have been involved with the AHA’s growth in Europe and have worked with many International Training Centers in different countries. I’ve learned about different European cultures, helping me respond to their varied training needs. But in the end, as instructors and health care or lay providers, we all have the same goal: To impact training and save lives.

How does your work/events impact our mission internationally?

Since I have been working in a cardiology hospital, my expertise about cardiovascular disease has grown tremendously. It has helped me effectively teach AHA courses, especially the advanced disciplines. As a result, I can teach students best practices in lifesaving skills — hopefully improving patient outcomes. This reflects the AHA’s mission “to be a relentless force for a world of longer, healthier lives.”

What references/links/pictures would you like to include?

Marida Straccia has been a mentor, guide and friend. Every time I work with her, I grow. I thank her, Robert Wales and Glenn Vanden Houten for the opportunities they’ve provided.

Below, Serena is pictured at the Regional Faculty meeting in Milan on February 8th, 2020.

Group photo at the Regional Faculty meeting in Milan on February 8th, 2020