Innovative Housing

Tiny Housing Development

Innovative practices are transforming the housing ecosystem around the world:

  • A sustainable building startup organization and housing charity have unveiled a plan to create a village of 600- to 800-square-foot houses that are 3D-printed in a day — cutting the time, effort and cost of production.

  • In Providence, Rhode Island, America’s oldest shopping mall was transformed into a mix of affordable micro-apartments and local businesses such as restaurants and a hair salon.

  • A study by the Urban Institute showed that community land trusts can help lower-income renters afford housing, even as property values rise. The study also found growing popularity in shared housing, which is two or more people sharing a home in exchange for rent or services such as cleaning or cooking.

  • In Europe, all-inclusive Alzheimer’s Villages allow residents to maintain their independence and roam freely in a safe and secure gated community. These villages have shown benefits for people with Alzheimer’s, including decreased agitation, aggression and anxiety.