Bernie Savransky

Lancaster, Pennsylvania | Paul Dudley White Legacy Society
Bernie  Savransky

Bernie Savransky believes in the power of giving. At 94 years young, he’s provided multiple gifts beginning in 1999, through a bequest and 20 charitable gift annuities — gaining him membership to the Cor Vitae and Paul Dudley White Legacy Societies.

Bernie grew up during the depression, began working at age 14 for Western Union, and later joined the Navy, where he remained for 20 years. He credits the Navy for teaching him about computers. He would eventually retire working for the federal government in Washington, D.C.

Bernie’s wife of 50 years, Elizabeth, died in 2002 from natural causes. He’s had one heart attack and his father and brother both passed in their 60’s from heart disease.That’s why he and Elizabeth started giving to the AHA.

“I give the money to charity because it helps keep people alive,” Bernie says. “We didn’t need the money. We figured why not give now through gift annuities and then the rest when we pass.”

Bernie plans to continue giving till the end. “The money I have is doing someone good instead of just sitting in a bank.

It’s something I can do in my lifetime.”

The Paul Dudley White Legacy Society, named for one of AHA’s founding members, recognizes donors who establish a gift through their will, trust, retirement account or life income gift. Bernie is one of more than 7,500 society members.

Spring 2018