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2030 U.S. Impact Goal

Together, we will equitably increase healthy life expectancy from 66 to at least 68 years by 2030.

What is Healthy Life Expectancy?

Healthy life expectancy refers to a person's expected years of life in good health, so it reflects both quantity and health-related quality of life.

By equitably increasing healthy life expectancy in the U.S. by two years, we will enable people to enjoy some 800 million additional years of healthy life.

grandpa with grand children on swing

United States Healthy Adjusted Life Expectancy (HALE) for 2017

What will this mean in terms of costs and economics?

Reducing the frequency of cardiovascular disease, our No. 1 killer, will both lower total costs – projected to surpass $1 trillion in the U.S. by 2035 – and increase healthy life expectancy.

The solution is not to spend more on sick care, but to focus on prevention and root causes of poor health. And when sick care is needed, it needs to be accessible, affordable and effective. Let’s use our collective resources more wisely.

Data shows progress in some lifestyle behaviors

We've seen lower smoking rates and more physical activity among adults, and improved dietary habits among adults and young people. In addition, total cholesterol levels have been lower among adults and young people, and blood glucose levels have been lower among adults.

But progress has been offset by other changes

Unfortunately, more people of all ages are overweight or obese, leading to greater rates of high blood pressure and high blood glucose levels. Research also has shown increases in blood pressure levels and less physical activity among young people.

We have the roadmap to our objective

Our goal is to ensure all people have every opportunity to live longer, healthier lives. To do that, we'll be driven to improve primary and secondary disease prevention, public health policies and lifestyle behaviors. We’ll also continue working to establish effective, comprehensible and affordable health care systems.

Here's how you can help

Please check back regularly as we expand the areas in which you can take action to help increase healthy life expectancy.

Put an End to Vaping

We must establish a presence in schools and online to prevent the spread of vaping and empower young e-cigarette users to quit. We must also urge regulation of all tobacco products, including restrictions on young people’s access to them.

Improve Rural Health

We can all work together in many ways to help rural America, starting with one of the most basic needs: access to health care. Please join You’re the Cure today and advocate for the health care needs of rural residents in your state and across the country.

Improve Women's Health

The American Heart Association's Go Red for Women® movement and Verily's Project Baseline have joined forces to launch Research Goes Red, an initiative calling on women across the U.S. to participate in research that advances scientific understanding of their health.