Stroke Prevention Resources for Your Patients

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"I will empower my patients."

World Stroke Day is October 29th and it is a great time for all of us in the health care community to recommit to stroke prevention.

We’re here to help. Our quick reference resources on stroke prevention can be invaluable to you in your conversations with patients.

Support your patients in reducing their stroke risk with these resources.

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Nothing causes more strokes than high blood pressure.

Help your patients keep their numbers at 120/80 or lower. Consider a medication and lifestyle plan to reduce their risk for a first or repeat stroke. Use our handy resources.

For Professionals: Secondary Stroke Prevention Checklist

This handy checklist can help you evaluate patients at risk for another stroke and provides recommendations on how you can mitigate their risk factors.

For Your Patients: Preventing Another Stroke Checklist

About one in four stroke survivors suffers a second one — but it doesn’t have to be that way. Share this checklist with them at their next visit to create a secondary stroke prevention plan and help them stick to it.

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"I will help my patients prevent stroke."

Start here to educate yourself and others about preventing stroke.