Yvonne P

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I am … a Survivor.

I had lived my life as a fearless,full of energy,optimistic person,with high initiative,often in excess (as I had been told),perhaps a bit careless,bold to the point of ignoring danger.Well,I was born a Sagittarius and in the Chinese zodiac a horse,for those who believe in or blame the stars for their personality . I do not really know if I had a hobby. Judging from what I did in my free time,I was a great bookworm! Reading,reading,reading! Then,like lightening,on the evening of 26 March 2012 a massive haemorrhagic stroke hit me,leaving me unable to speak or move for long. After four months in hospital,to everyone’s surprise,with immense courage and effort I was able to speak well and walk. Unexpectedly though,three ischaemic strokes and one haemorrhagic followed ,spaced out to May 2013. Complicated treatment as the two forms of stroke require contrasting medication. Endless effort and persistence rewarded me with perfect walk now. Only a light speech impediment and not fully functioning right hand ?.are the scars now,Why poetry? Following the stroke I went through a spell of re-learning,like been born again. Feelings were overpowering mind concentration and understanding. Verses were facilitating expression of my feelings. Packing up a poems book and publishing it gave me upmost satisfaction,particularly as the response by stroke victims was so moving. I had been writing verses before and shall continue so;poetry takes the weight off my legs, gives me wings!!!