We strive to bring you tools to help you assess your patient’s stroke risk and to open up meaningful conversations.

ABCD2 Score

ABCD2 score is a risk assessment tool designed to improve the prediction of short-term stroke risk after a transient ischemic attack (TIA). The score is optimized to predict the risk of stroke within 2 days after a TIA, but also predicts stroke risk within 90 days. The ABCD2 score is calculated by summing up points for five independent factors.

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Post-Stroke Checklist

This Post-Stroke Checklist (PSC) has been developed to help healthcare professionals identify post-stroke problems amenable to treatment and subsequent referral. The PSC is a brief and easy-to-use tool, intended for completion with the patient and the help of a caregiver, if necessary. PSC administration provides a standardized approach for the identification of long-term problems in stroke survivors and facilitates appropriate referral for treatment.

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