Educate Your Patients

Patients want their healthcare providers to educate and guide them in matters of their personal health. Here are tools to assist you in educating your patients on stroke prevention, treatment and recovery. Most print material may be downloaded for free. Multiple copies of print material are available Рdownload an order form or call 1-800-STROKES (787-6537).

Survivor Education and Resources

Survivors of stroke and their caregivers want help and guidance in understanding stroke, how to live post-stroke and how to achieve the best quality of life. National Stroke Association strives to have an abundance of informational, assistive and resource material available to healthcare providers to share with their patients.

Stroke Prevention

Stroke Prevention is about more than preventing a stroke from occurring, but being able to recognize the signs and symptoms. National Stroke Association has a wide variety of educational materials to choose from. The materials include topics such as identifying and modifying risk factors, preventing stroke, recurrent stroke information, stroke risk assessment tools and resources. Also, recognizing warning signs and act FAST information can be found here.

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