How to Start and Run a Support Group

After stroke, many people are looking for help.  Connecting with other stroke survivors and caregivers is vital to learn more about stroke recovery options and to share the experience of recovery from stroke. Support groups are a key method to find support during the recovery process. Support groups provide attendees with vital recovery information and allow stroke survivors and their families and friends to find support and form friendship among others who understand their journey.  Topics addressed in some support groups include: dealing with finances after stroke, addressing depression after stroke, sharing ways to recover from stroke, and dealing with post-stroke fatigue.

Not every area in the U.S. has a readily accessible stroke support group. Help expand the network and let us assist you with forming a stroke support group today.


Check what available support groups might already exist in your immediate area. Most support groups should be well within driving distance. If you can’t find one that is close, start on your journey of creating one!

Organizing a support group takes a little commitment and work; but it is well worth it!

See our Quick FAQ to read about the process.

Planning and Marketing Your Stroke Support Group

For a support group leader to be effective, there are some skills the leader must have. Read more about some of the tools a support group leader can use to make the group function well.

Facilitating a Support Group

Taking Care of Yourself as a Group Leader

Explore stroke recovery information and tools to help your group be a success. We offer virtual ready-made programs free to all stroke support group leaders. These downloadable materials are designed to help facilitate discussions on a variety of post-stroke topics. Each of the virtual programs below offers links to a: video, discussion guide for stroke support group leaders to facilitate discussion, and various brochures depending on the topic.

We are currently offering the following virtual program topics for download:

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