Careliving Guide Introduction

Caregiving is often described as the most difficult job you never applied for. We developed the Careliving Guide to provide answers to many of the questions you will have as you learn to negotiate a “new reality”.

A stroke in the family can cause many shifts, whether it is relationship dynamics, finances, home modifications, or role changes. As a spouse, sibling, child, grandchild, or friend, you may be charged with new tasks, such as providing daily assistance and support, plus planning, and facilitating your loved one’s care. Because stroke is sudden and unexpected there is often little or no time to prepare. No matter when or how your role as a caregiver begins, it can be a challenging job that takes a physical, mental and emotional toll.

National Stroke Association developed the Careliving Guide to assist you and your family members throughout the caregiving process.

image of guideThe guide will help you:

  • Prioritize tasks and develop a plan for the stroke survivor’s care.
  • Keep organized with resources, tools, templates and suggestions.
  • Adapt to changing roles and relationships after stroke.
  • Tips on how to prevent recurrent stroke.


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