Troy K.

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I am … a Survivor.

Dear readers,

It was March 12th, 2016 when I had my stroke. It was on this day , that changed my life forever. Just a little bit about me, I’m 31 years old, and was working two jobs at the time. I guess you can say that I was over doing it, and not taking care of myself. I later found out that I had an Avm in my brain which bled, and my high blood pressure didn’t help either. I just remember coming home and laying down. Out of no where , my head started to spin. It was like drinking a gallon of gin or something. I was nervous , because it felt like my head was going to explode. Luckily  I was around my sister and mother when it happened. Within five minutes of my head spinning I crashed to the floor after trying to walk. I started vomiting everywhere. My mother drove me to the hospital ,and they had to do surgery to drain the blood out out of my head. I was in shock and confused. My left side was weak , and couldn’t walk really. As a man that works out, I thought I was in good shape, but stress broke me down. Going from riding motorcycles, sky diving and other crazy stuff to doing psychical therapy had me depressed. Feels like being a baby again and working yourself back up. To be honest, it feels like life has be taken away from me.