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I am … a Survivor.

My name is Tim Schumacher, I was 47 yrs old and here is my story.  On Dec 5th, 2015, I was playing with my 10yr old son in the basement and started talking weird.  My son got my wife and I wobbled up the stairs and collapsed on the floor in the bed room.  After a little time my wife figured out that I couldn’t move the left side of my body and my face was slightly drooping.  She thought  I might of had a stroke and called 911.  I did have a stroke.  I had a massive frontal lobe stroke caused by a blood clot.  They did give me the TPA shot but they didin’t think it helped.   My left side of my body was paralized.  They told my wife I might never walk again.  I was in ICU at Loyola for 12 days and was moved to RIC(Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago) in downtown Chicago where I had intensive rehab for 6 weeks.  I walked out of RIC on Jan 12 with help and a cane. I attend day rehab at RIC Homewood for 6 months where I worked very hard.  I am now walking without a cane.  My left arm is still limited mobility and feeling and my left side of my face is mostly numb.  I had many very frustrating days but I wanted to get better.  My family supported me and helped me as much as they could. My speech is ok for the most part.  My organizational skills and memory are good and continuing to improve.  In January 2017, I went back to day rehab  for 2 months to help my balance and improve the left arm.  The arm is improving very slowly. I am very determined to get that arm better.  I am now trying to figure out how to get back to work.  I own my own HVAC buisness and need both arms and hands.  I am determined though that I will be able to do it if I keep working at it.  On June 3rd I am going to try to do the 5K come back trail walk in Chicago.  The picture is Oct 2016, 10 months after my stroke where I was riding a three wheel bike!  I am driving and now on to next steps for work and continuing my recovery.