2018 RAISE Award: Outstanding Support Group

Pediatric Stroke Warriors, Washington

Pediatric Stroke Warriors is committed to serving the needs of children, their families and medical professionals involved in their care. Family-founded in 2015, Pediatric Stroke Warriors has grown into the largest childhood stroke-related nonprofit based in the Pacific Northwest region.

At the heart of Pediatric Stroke Warriors mission is children. The group believes that increasing awareness around childhood stroke leads to a quicker recognition of stroke in a child and support to help the child flourish.

In addition to raising awareness about pediatric stroke to increase understanding and early diagnosis, Pediatric Stroke Warriors works to ensure families get support right from the start through their support network, Stroke Fund, Helping Hands Therapy Grants, Warrior Bags and the Brave Box program. The Warrior Bag is a toolkit filled with useful information to assist newly-diagnosed families and their child. The Brave Box is a care package—much like a busy box—and aims to bring a smile and hope to a child in the hospital or recovering at home.

The Pediatric Stroke Warriors Helping Hands Regional Therapy Grant Program helps close the gap between what insurance provides and what is needed, not letting financial resources dictate necessity for a child in recovery.