2018 RAISE Award: Outstanding Group

Triangle Aphasia Project Unlimited, North Carolina

Think of the words Hope, Purpose, Engagement and Determination, and you’ve just described the values of the Triangle Aphasia Project Unlimited (TAP) which addresses stroke awareness locally, statewide and across the nation through collaboration and connection.

This grassroots organization today serves more than 200 clients and offers up to 20 groups a week. Groups vary from communication groups and support groups to back-to-work and TAP into Life groups. Many times the clients themselves propose and facilitate groups based on their interests and goals.

Clients, families, group leaders and rehabilitation professionals across North Carolina make up this unique hub-and-spoke model program because they believe in the Life Participation Approach and embrace the power of neuroplasticity.

TAP’s statewide efforts have included collaborations with adapted sports, music therapy and universities to train students entering the field. The administration, as well as clients, serves on North Carolina Stroke committees, actively engaging in advocacy and education.

Nationally, TAP is a founding member of Aphasia Access, an organization dedicated to professionals serving individuals with a Life Participation Approach. Staff makes presentations across the country and presents authored papers. This year one of the presentations takes them to Portugal for an international conference.

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