Stroke a family story

Photo of Stroke a family story

I am … a Survivor.

I went to my local ER on August 5 2013 with sudden onset of dizziness. I was evaluated by on call doctor he told me I had vertigo and to go home and rest. I went home and rested as he stated, two days later I was felling much worse and couldn’t walk I was transported by ambulance to local ER now showing all signs of stroke. It was confirmed per MRI. I have had fairly slow recovery and I still have ongoing vertigo. Exactly 1 month after I had my first stroke, my brother who is one year older then myself which is 53. He was rushed to a different local ER with sudden onset of dizziness, ER doctors were about ready to send him home, with vertigo until my sister intervened and asked ER doctor to do a MRI. ER doctor was very reluctant to do this test she thought it was a waste of time and money. She did the MRI reluctantly and it came back as a left brain stem stroke same as mine. They gave appropriate medications, he was discharged from the hospital within a week and back to work after missing just a month. He has no ongoing physical disabilities. My condition is I am currently disabled unable to drive or work with on going vertigo that seems to have stabilized with help of medications at the 6 month post stroke.