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I am … a Survivor.

Hi my name is Sonyia Smith Griffin I’m 34 years old and i’m a stroke survivor. On may 26, 2017 me and my family ws leaving mcdonads in I remember telling my niece I feel like I’m about to faint. So we all rush to car to go home and thank god my wife was driving. Next thing I knew both of my eyes shifted to the left in the lower corner and I statred vomiting everywhere, my wife gave me something to drink to see if it will help calm me down and it did for the moment. We made it home safe, but I had to rush to the bathroom to get ready to shower in next thing you know it happen again, my eyes shifted to left and I felt my whole left side of my body numed up in I couldnt feel anything from my face all way down till the tip of my toes it was so scary. They rush me to celebration hospital and the only thing I can remember is people asking me so many questions and they hook me up to all kinds of machines. I was hospitalized for almost two months I had lost so weight and I had learn how to walk again. I would love you guys to take the time out to visit my support page on facebook and youtube at (indestructible sonyia) Thank you.